Cash for Kindness: Gift of Life

During the holiday season many of us exchanged gifts.   But,  a Montgomery woman gave much more.  Her sister in law sent us an e-mail to tell us about it and we passed along 120 dollars for her kindness.

At the Dickey house Christmas toys still line the floor but one gift given during the holidays didn't make it under the tree but it did save a family members life.  "His only option to survive was a kidney transplant and my sister-in-law Kari stepped up to the plate and was tested and turns out she was a perfect match." Michelle Dickey told us.

Kari is the mother of two little boys but it's not uncommon to find other children in her home. She simply loves kids. So, when she told her husband and other family members about her plans to donate a kidney to her Uncle Buck who lives in Florida they all became concerned but knew it was like Kari to want to help.  "Oh it sure is, she is always taking in friends for the night for the week for a month.  If you're in need and a friend of Kari's she'll fix food for you and your family."   Michelle said.

When we caught up with Kari at her home she told us about her decision to donate a kidney and she said it wasn't hard at all. "I just feel like if someone is deserving of something like that I've always been the kind of person that if I can help out I will and I've always been that way."  Kari said.

We surprised her with Cash.  "Guess what, you're going to get 120 dollars."  "Really" I'm not suppose accept money for donating a kidney." Said Kari.   We all laughed and told her It's not for her kidney it's for all the kind things she's done."

And, we're also giving Kari the money for the lesson she's teaching her children she hopes one day they can pass on. "They don't really understand right now but hopefully one day I'll be able to tell them about it and to tell them how important it is to be a good person and do what you can for others. " Kari said.

If you'd like to nominate someone for Cash for Kindness send me an e-mail to  Don't forget to put Cash for Kindness in the subject line.