County Road 12: With These Hands

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Montgomery, AL (WSFA) - Imagine having a passion for running and then learning you would no longer have the full use of your legs.    Or what if a skilled surgeon learned they would only have limited eyesight for the rest of their life.    Some people might call it quits.   Others might ask, why me?    This is the story of a woman who could have done either of those things, but instead decide to keep on moving.

At 26 years old Teresa Nadeau was living a healthy life.   She was a teacher and had a passion for all kinds of art.   From sculpting to painting, you name it, she could do it.    Then a year later her life took a turn she never saw coming.    "I knew something was wrong," Nadeau said.   "It took doctors almost a year to figure out what it was.   They told me to go home and get my affairs in order. 27 years ago it was a death sentence."

She was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease called scleroderma.   It causes the ligaments and tendons to tighten up, and the skin to harden.   Her fingers and toes curled under, and artwork seem like a long lost dream.    Don't think I haven't been there at times and said why me?    But really I just don't have time for it."    So she found artwork she could do.   She put all of her time into colored pencil drawings.  Imagine trying to hold a pencil between your top knuckles and then create a work of art.

Her drawings might take a lot longer, but that's the only way you'd ever know she was facing a challenge that most people couldn't handle.   And as talented as she is with the pencil, it's her spirit and determination that really sets her apart from the rest.   "I can't sing, I can't dance, but I can draw."

One of her favorite things to draw is the eagle.   And Auburn Tiger fans have given her work golden reviews.   She says down the road, she might even work on drawing and elephant, just so the Alabama fans don't feel left out.   You can check out her work and read more on her story on her web site:

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