Flowers Elementary - 1st and 2nd Grade

1st Grade

1 Zippered pouch

1 Pack of 8 or 16 count crayons (regular, not neon) Please replace every 8 weeks.

1 Pair of safety scissors (Fiskars is a good, sturdy brand.)

3 Bottles of school glue

2 Packages of regualr sized #2 pencils

4 Bottles of waterless hand sanitizer

3 Rolls of paper towels (each semester)

3 boxes of Kleenex

2 first grade Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Tablets (Please buy these from our supply store)

Optional Supplies (These will be shared with the entire class)

Magic Markers (water-based)

Please do not send book bags to school.  Girls - no purses.

Each individual teacher may have additional supplies that she may want your child to bring.  A list will be sent home during the first week of school.

2nd Grade

1 Box Crayola washable markers

1 Pair of scissors (Fiskar - sharp point)

1 Glue stick

1 Ruler (cm/in)

Pencils (sharpened)

Wide-ruled looseleaf notebook paper

1 Spiral notebook (Label it: Creative Writing)

1 individual pencil sharpener (one with a cover on it to catch the shavings)

2 Pocket folders without prongs (Label 1: Homework and Label 1: Paper)

1 Notepad to write down homework assignments

2 Boxes of Kleenex

2 Rolls of paper towels

2 Bottles of waterless hand sanitizer

2 Bottles of liquid antibacterial soap

1 Box of gallon size zip lock bags

1 Box of band-aids

1 Box of colored pencils

1 Old, clean sock (to use as an eraser on our individual chalkboards)

Addition flash cards

Subtraction flash cards

1 Small supply box (to keep supplies in)

2 Bags of miniature candy bars (for treats/rewards)

Please do not buy notebooks or Trapper Keepers.  Our desks are not large enough to hold them.