Flowers Elementary - 3rd and 4th Grade

3rd Grade

Loose-leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)

1"-2" Three ring binder

1 package of dividers w/tabs

1 Spiral notebook (thin - 50 to 75 sheets of paper)

1 Folder with brads and pockets

1 Notepad for homework

1 Box of #2 pencils (These will be kept by the teacher for your child.)

Ring binder pencil pouch

Small pencil sharpener with cover

1 pack of construction paper

Crayons or markers

1 Glue stick


1 Set of multiplication flash cards

1 Set of division flash cards

1 Box of wipes

2 Rolls of paper towels

1 Box of tissues

1 Bottle hand sanitizer (8 oz. or larger)

Wish List

If convenient, please send one of the following items:

  • a box of gallon size zip lock bags
  • a box of sandwich or quart size ZipLock bags
  • one package of sponges
  • one can of Lysol spray
  • Soft Scrub
  • package of pencils
  • pack of notebook paper

4th Grade


Wide Rule Paper


Glue or Glue Stick

Markers, Crayons and Color Pencils

5 Folders (with pockets and clasps)

Red pens

2 Boxes of Tissue

3 Ring Binders with dividers

Zipper Pouch

Hand Soap and/or Hand Sanitizer

NO Trapper Keepers!!!!!

Know your mulitplication facts!!!!!