Suspect in 'phoney Franklins' counterfeit case arrested

Courtesy: Millbrook Police Department
Courtesy: Millbrook Police Department

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MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - A week after bringing you the story of a suspect who has been passing "phoney Franklins" in Millbrook, police say they've cashed in big on the case.

Randy Hayes was arrested in Montgomery Wednesday evening and is identified as the man who used the counterfeit cash at a Millbrook sandwich shop.

He wasn't picked up on counterfeiting charges, however. MPD arrested him on a domestic violence warrant. Regardless, Millbrook slapped a hold on Hayes, and he'll soon face charges in that jurisdiction as well.

The transaction started like most, the customer ordered a sandwich, grabbed a drink and handed the cashier money. He didn't really pay though, instead slipping the cashier a $100 bill that avoided detection of those fake bill detector pens.

"When we marked it with a pen, it marked like it was real," said Subway Restaurants manager Andrea Williams.

More than ninety dollars later, the cashier realized a terrible truth, she had fallen victim to counterfeit cash.

Investigators say it's the toughest fake to detect. Underneath the markup is an actual five dollar bill, with a five dollar bill security strip embedded inside.

"It's very realistic, it looks like it had been washed several times," Williams said.

The buck stops here, she now says. Williams has all her cashiers trained to spot counterfeit money, with hopes of catching the culprit who left them high and dry.

A mug shot of Randy Hayes is not yet available.

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