Former Aide to George Wallace Dies

Seymore Trammell, a former top aide to Governor George Wallace during Wallace's political heyday in the 1960s, has died. He was 83.

Trammell died of natural causes Thursday night at Southern Springs Health Care in Union Springs. Trammell helped Wallace win election to his first term as governor in 1962 and served as his finance director.

Trammell's son, Seymore Trammell Junior, says his father was likable but a very tough-minded politician. Trammell was active in Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign when Wallace ran as a third-party candidate and carried five states. Wallace and Trammell eventually severed their political ties and Trammell became an outspoken critic of the four-time governor, possibly because of opposing views on campaign tactics.

Trammell served 13 months in federal prison for income tax evasion in the early 1970s. Like Wallace, Trammell was a native of Barbour County. He became District Attorney there in 1952.

Trammell is survived by his son, two sisters and two grandchildren.

The Associated Press