Homeowner hopes to eliminate monthly power bills

Magdi and Diana Sayegh
Magdi and Diana Sayegh

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It may look like an average house from the road, but get up close and you'll see there's something shimmering on Magdi and Diana Sayegh's roof.

"I am helping as much as we can...as small as we are," says Magdi.

The couple just installed $30,000 dollars worth of solar panels capturing energy straight from the sun to power their house during the day.

They say it helps conserve energy since they won't be using as much electricity from Alabama Power. In fact, they aren't expecting to pay a power bill at all.

"I am exchanging power back and forth with Alabama Power. By night, we're going to be using from the grid. In the morning, I am overly producing three times my power that everything will go back to the grid. I'll have enough credit to keep myself in the negative all the time," says Magdi.

"As it collects the sun's energy, in the DC form, it goes into the inverter which converts it into the AC form, which then goes into your house and powers everything," says Shawna Lindsey, the owner of H2Sol--the company installing the panels.

She says this is one of the first homes in Montgomery to get them.

Officials at Alabama Power say there's a process customers must go through to get approved, but if they produce more power than they use, the company may pay them for the additional energy.

Magdi Sayegh hopes to get a check for roughly $200 dollars each month--proving to his wife that solar power outshines other options.

"She said this is the price of a Cadillac on the roof. But, when there is no power bill to pay, she'll be happy."

The Sayegh's altered their routine a little bit to make sure most of the energy they use is during the day even though they'll be pulling some electricity from Alabama Power at night. They hope to receive their first check from the power company at the end of the month.

If you're interested in installing solar panels, you may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.

The panels cost anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 dollars.

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