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Troy University adds more security cameras on campus

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More security cameras, more security options for students.

"I was very saddened by this," said Herbert Reeves, the Dean of Student Services at Troy University.

Reeves admitted he was shakened by the recent assault on a Troy University student off campus. A long term project just got put on the fast-track; 15 more cameras on campus.

"We'll put these cameras at strategic points on poles and on buildings," Reeves said.

This is comforting news to Sarah Walker, a freshman from Birmingham.

"This gives me a lot of peace knowing they're adding a few more," said Walker.

And there's more. University leaders are reminding students they can use the shuttle to take them home at night.

"I didn't realize I had that option and now that I do, I just may take advantage of that," said Walker.

The 22-year old student who was assaulted is now out of the hospital. In fact, Reeves met with the young lady and her family Wednesday afternoon in his office in the Trojan Center.

"She's very determined to get through this. She is strong and doing well physically. The student won't be physically attending classes this semester but we are working with her for her to take classes on-line," Reeves said.

You get the sense nerves are beginning to calm down at Troy University, a little more than a week since the suspect kidnapped the student from her own home on Smith Street and left her stranded 3 miles away on Needmore Road.

This is not to say, however, Troy University students are letting their collective guard down. Those cameras go up in about two weeks.

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