Troy Univ, institutes "housing lottery" for returning students

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TROY, AL (WSFA) - On-campus housing at Troy University is such a hot item, the school is holding a lottery to assign beds to students for next year.  The university says it's just part of Troy's growing pains, but not all students are buying into the "luck of the draw" concept.

"People are frustrated, talking to their mom and dad about the situation, it's kind of hard, it's different," said Thomas Pressley, a Troy University student from Birmingham.

University officials told WSFA 12 News they decided to institute the lottery because for the first time last year, they were not able to accommodate all of the incoming freshmen who wanted housing.  University officials estimate 26 percent of students at Troy currently live on campus.  The University requires all first year students to live on campus - unless their home is within an hour of Troy.

"Up until last year, we were able to meet the needs of most of our returning students," said Sara Jo Burks, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life.   "If they asked for a room, they got a room, but it's come at the expense of our incoming freshman, we had to turn them away.  There was a lot where we simply did not have room to house them."

So the university will reserve 850 slots for freshman and another 850 for everyone else.

"I really do anticipate that we will eventually be able to fit all of the needs of our students that want on-campus housing,' Burks said.   "It might not be immediately, we may have to put some people on a waiting list, but we do anticipate for the majority of students we will be able to house them."

University officials encourage students to reach out and ask questions, to ease any uncertainty.  Students will have until January 31st to enter the lottery.  They'll find out their assignments a few days later.

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