ASU Timeline

So how did all this controversy at Alabama State get started?

It actually began eight months ago when the university started an investigation into the recruitment of two football players from Georgia by former ASU assistant coach Dedrick Bell.

December, 2001.   Dr. Joe Lee ordered an investigation into allegegations Dedrick Bell outlined in a letter to school leaders.  Allegations included strip shows for recruits, improper contact with recruits, and the use of ineligible players.

March, 2003.  L.C. Cole was ordered not to start spring drills until the investigation was resolved.  Spring practice was delayed one week.

May, 2003.   Robert Clayton, an attorney from Louisiana, took over the investigation.

July 21, 2003.   Athletic Director Richard Cosby sent Clayton's findings to the NCAA and the SWAC office. He also announced the football program was quote "almost totally out of control."

July 31, 2003.   Head coachL.C. Cole and two assistants were suspended.

Aug 4., 2003.  Coach Cole told us he deserves to still be the head football coach at Alabama State and he still wants his job back.  Cole feels his team was doing a good job and Cole says he is preparing a legal fight for it.