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Parts of West Fairview Avenue beginning to look better

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Starting from the ground up change is coming to a part of west Montgomery in a very big way.

Nothing but dirt now but cottages resembling those in the 1920s will soon make up Lanier Place.

Veteran Montgomery realtor Sandra Nickel says this isn't just another subdivision going up.

"This is only the second time in 30 years that a subdivision has been developed west of Court Street, and the first time in 30 years a large subdivision has been undertaken," said Nickel.

When it's all said and done Lanier Place will have found 55 brand new homes with the average home costing a little more than $100,000.

The cottages will have three bedrooms and two baths, 12-hundred square feet.

"What may happen as it often does in a new subdivision is the price goes up once it gets traction," Nickel said.

Lanier Place is part of an overall plan to transform West Fairview Avenue, plans to add street-scaping and make this part of town more pedestrian-friendly.

"It's taking too long," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

The entire project is taking longer than expected, according to the mayor. The mayor says Washington keeps telling him the 'check is in the mail' to begin the next big project down the street which is the Genetta Creek Park. The city is supposed to get a check for slightly more than $500,000 for the job.

"When the government says it will be this year it could mean next year," the mayor said with a hint of frustration at a breakfast meeting in downtown Montgomery Friday morning.

Still, improvements along West Fairview could come sooner than later.

Nickel is convinced beyond any doubt Lanier Place will be the very spark plug to get things moving in a hurry.

"They say retail follows roof-tops," said Nickel.

Even those who don't live in the area say the project is unique, an honor to be part of something special.

L.D. Fitzpatrick went to school at Lanier High School which backs up to Lanier Place. Fitzpatrick is building the first three homes on the lot.  The first three homes are expected to be built within 5 months.

"I really believe this will catapult this area into bigger and better things," Fitzpatrick said.

West Fairview, E.D. Nixon Avenue, once in decline, now much-improved.

Many believe Lanier Place has just made this corner of the world a little brighter.

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