Selma police cracking down on violent crime

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SELMA, AL (WSFA) - "We're going to do all that we possibly can to identify you, to arrest you, and have you put away," says Selma Police Chief, William Riley.

That's the message Riley has for anyone committing a crime in his city.

"It's not going to be tolerated."

In the last month, three people have been shot and killed in Selma.

"Every week there's a shooting, killing in Selma," says resident Barbara Cowan.

It's prompting Riley and other city officials to take more action.

"We're going to put more people out on the street. You may see more road blocks, you may see more hot spot patrolling in some of the hot areas in our city," adds Riley.

"It would make a big difference when they know that we have more officers here patrolling and watching the citizens of Selma," says Cowan.

"I have two kids and have them outside playing, ya know, I don't want anybody to start running around shooting and stuff and the bullet might hit them or something," says resident Kimberly Shields.

Not only are police increasing their presence in problem spots around Selma, but they're also taking a closer look at bars and nightclubs since that's where some of the most recent shootings have happened.

"Our business has been totally down ever since all this stuff been going's got to stop somewhere," says Carvin Thomas.

Thomas owns 12th Stone nightclub downtown. A man was shot and killed outside his club on New Year's Eve.

"This little guy was like a friend of mine that was just standing out there. I took that real hard."

Thomas is thrilled police officers plan to patrol more to keep crimes like that from tarnishing his business.

"We're going to do all we can to keep the city safe," says Riley.

It's a promise and a warning for criminals to stay out of the city.

Selma Mayor, George Evans says the police department is currently looking for qualified applicants.

They're trying to increase the number of officers to help with extra patrolling.

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