CR 12: Brays Barber Shop, more than a haircut

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Tuskegee, AL (WSFA) - Usually the barber shop is a great place to catch up on the towns gossip.   But if you stop by Brays Barber Shop in Tuskegee you better bring your "A" game.  "My grandfather started this about 100 years ago, it's a tradition," said barber shop owner William Bray Jr.

William Bray Jr. is great with the clippers, but every once in awhile you can see his attention is somewhere else.  That's because when folks aren't getting a haircut, they're playing checkers.   And this isn't the quiet game kids played in the library at elementary school.   This is trash talking, in your face, master checkers.   "It gets pretty competitive, trash talking is definitely part of the game.   It also lets you exercise your brain and keep your mind active."

You really need to hear it for yourself.   Sometimes they talk trash, some players break out into songs, and they all have a good time.   And once a year they take the checker boards out of Brays Barber Shop and move them to a nearby convention center.   Every May people come from all over the country to play a checkers tournament in Tuskegee.

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