Taco Bell has beef with class action lawsuit

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Taco Bell Corporation is coming out fighting against a class-action lawsuit filed by Montgomery, Alabama law firm Beasley Allen. The lawsuit claims Taco Bell uses "false advertising" on its menu and in its advertisements.

The message behind Taco Bell's statement is simple: simmer down.

"At Taco Bell, we buy our beef from the same trusted brands you find in the supermarket, like Tyson Foods.  We start with 100 percent USDA-inspected beef," said Taco Bell President and Chief Concept Officer Greg Creed.

Creed said his company is proud of the quality of its product and says Taco Bell identifies all its seasonings and spices on its website.

Taco Bell says it is planning its own legal action against statements made about its food. The fast food chain was not specific about its legal plan, however.

"Unfortunately, the lawyers in this case elected to sue first and ask questions later -- and got their "facts" absolutely wrong," Creed said. "We plan to take legal action for the false statements being made about our food."

Beasley Allen's lawsuit urges Taco Bell to refer to its product as "taco meat filling" because it claims the food contains mostly "extenders" and other non-meat substances.

The law firm says Taco Bell's product is only 36 percent meat. The USDA policy book requires food labeled as "taco filling" to contain "at least 40 percent fresh meat," and the label must show the true product name.

Beasley Allen released Taco Bell container labels it says are not available to the general public that read: "Taco Meat Filling."

The suit was originally filed on behalf of a California resident and is a class action suit.

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