Bentley commission aims to improve government

File Photo: Gov. Robert Bentley
File Photo: Gov. Robert Bentley

MONTGOMERY, AL - Governor Robert Bentley signed Executive Order Number Four Tuesday creating the Alabama Commission on Improving State Government. The Commission's duty is to analyze and explore new ways to reduce government spending with minimal or no reduction in state services.

Under the new executive order, state agencies, departments and commissions are required to conduct a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the effectiveness and need for their current level of spending, the Governor's office said.

Duplicated, outdated, unnecessary and ineffective services will be eliminated and funds used for that service will be re-directed and spent on more essential functions of state government. In addition, the commission will examine similar commissions created across the nation and will meet with business leaders in Alabama to discuss and find new ways to make state government more effective and responsive.

"We are in challenging economic times and state government must do what every Alabama family is doing right now and that is find ways to cut back on spending," said Governor Bentley. "The Alabama Commission on Improving State Government will take an in-depth look at the current cost structure of every state agency and look for new and effective ways to cut costs without cutting essential services."

A preliminary report of recommendations by the Commission will be delivered to Governor Bentley by June 1, 2011.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor's Press Office