Cash for Kindness: Helping the Needy

A local couple prayed for a way to make a difference and little did they know it would give them a chance to help more than a hundred people every weekend. But,  their mission comes with a price and that's where step in with a little Cash for Kindness.

It's just a bowl of chili served in the park but for one couple this is their ministry. Janessa Stultz wrote us about her friends Tim and Lisa Robinson. Two years ago they had a vision to help the homeless.  Every Sunday they go to Overlook park in Montgomery to hand out blankets, clothes and to make sure those who come have something warm to eat  "A lot of it comes out of their own pockets and I just feel they should be recognized for their efforts."

We gave Janessa 120 dollars to pass along to her friends for their kindness. We met Lisa at Gracepoint Community Church where she attends.   Her youth pastor gave her a few things for her Sunday trip and we tagged along with something to help she and her husband continue their mission.

Their mission started with feeding only eight people behind the Salvation Army in Montgomery they quickly moved to Overlook Park for more space where they now serve more than 125 people every weekend.  We asked her why it was so important.  "Sometimes they just need a helping hand."   And for your helping hands a little cash to help those in need.

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