Editorial: Statewide Education Improvement

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama no longer ranks at the bottom nationally among states for education performance. In fact, it ranks higher than 25 other states, including Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, California and Colorado.

That's according to Education Week, the nation's largest education publication, in their comprehensive annual report card issued each January.

Their quality counts report issued this month gave the nation a C grade and Alabama a C+.

Alabama scored above the national average on many assessments, but still received a D grade, 44th best in the country, on student achievement in reading and math proficiency in grades K-12, and the academic poverty gap between low-income students and non low-income students.

The positive is Alabama is the national leader in gains in reading and math over the period measured – 2003-2009.

And that is with the Math and Science initiative that fueled these gains funded in only 50% of our schools.  Imagine what can happen if this initiative is in all of our schools.

That should be a priority for our new legislative leaders.

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