Mother, 99, son, 77, die in Dallas Co. house fire

Bertha Yeager
Bertha Yeager
James Barlow
James Barlow
The burned out shell of the family home.
The burned out shell of the family home.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There is really nothing left of what used to be the family home of Bertha Yeager and her son James Barlow. Yeager was 99 years old, Barlow was 77.

"This is very shocking," said Marcus Kelley. Related to the family by marriage, Kelley often served as their caretaker.

"I would help them get their groceries and medicines. They were good people," said Kelley.

It was the newspaper carrier who spotted the blaze around 2 AM Tuesday but by then it was probably too late. The fire had been going for at least an hour.

Kelley, meantime, last visited the family home Monday afternoon and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Yeager didn't have central heat. She did have a space heater but Kelley isn't sure whether they even used it or not.

Kelley remembers a lady who still loved life.

"She would recognize me and smile. She was in good shape. She was good," said Kelley.

For years the family ran a little convenience store on their property. Before that Mrs. Yeager retired from the U.S. Postal Service in Detroit, Michigan.

James Barlow enjoyed a career with Chrysler Motors, according to family and friends.

Tragically their deaths mark the second and third fire deaths in Dallas County for 2011 so far.

The cause is still unknown.

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