Christian Coalition Divided Over Riley Tax Plan

The Christian Coalition of America is supporting Governor Riley's Tax and Accountability Plan, even though the Christian Coalition of Alabama is opposing it. The president of the Christian Coalition of America, Roberta Combs says Riley's plan is a bold initiative that reflects the Christian goal of helping those in need.

The Christian Coalition of Alabama voted in May to oppose Riley's plan. The state president, John Giles was caught off guard when the national president visited Alabama on Wednesday to endorse Riley's plan.

Combs says she decided to come to Alabama after getting calls from Christian Coalition members asking her about the national organization's view. Combs has worked for the Christian Coalition since its inception in 1989 and she says this is the first time the national organization and any state organization have split on an issue.

A group supporting Riley's plan, the Alabama Partnership for Progress is providing an airplane to fly Combs to news conferences across the state.

Produced by Vanessa Staples

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