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Hundreds frustrated after not getting their tax refund checks

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "We will not leave until everybody gets their money!"

It started as soon as the doors to San and Dee Tax Services opened.

"It's just chaos," says one customer.

"They were parked all on the road, on the driveway, on the curb, the grass...everywhere," says customer, Brandon Foster.

Hundreds packed one section of South Perry Street anxious for income tax refund checks that weren't ready.

"If they actually would have had us printing them last night, on Thursday, it wouldn't be this bad. But they didn't start coming in until 10am [Friday]," says Cassandra Ball, one of the owners at San & Dee.

She says a delay at the bank kept her company from printing checks on time, leaving frustrated customers standing around waiting.

One of them...Brandon Foster.

"I've been down here for about like two hours trying to get my tax check."

At one point, the crowd got so large, Montgomery police officers had to help out.

"I counted about 10 police cars," says one customer.

"The cops were telling us we had to leave the scene until they called us and let us know our check was ready," says Foster.

Since owners say they're having to wait to give out checks, it not only puts a strain on customers who say they need the money, but also nearby businesses, too.

"We were constantly having to come out and tell people not to park in our parking places, and not to park in front of the building," says Jannah Bailey, Executive Director at Child Protect, right across the street.

The scene at the tax prep office made her daily business difficult.

"There was no order going on down there, it was just people, it was just total chaos."

But Latisha Williams is one customer who understands.

"We are parking on people's property and stuff and they don't like that because there's other businesses that are open today."

Owners say it could be the weekend before all the checks are ready.

Some customers did receive checks. Owners say they will be giving out checks each Friday and they don't expect to have any more problems.

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