McGregor drops request to remove ankle monitor

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Indicted casino owner Milton McGregor has dropped his request to get rid of the electronic monitoring bracelet he has to wear.

A federal judge scheduled a hearing on McGregor's request Tuesday, but McGregor's attorney, Joe Espy, withdrew the request at the start of the hearing.

It did not take very long. The attorneys for both Milton McGregor and the United States met behind closed doors for approximately 15 minutes.

Espy's decision came after he and prosecutors disagreed about whether witnesses could be presented during the hearing.

"There are some battles you fight and some you don't," Espy said after the proceedings.

McGregor had complained that the monitoring device on his right ankle caused him to lose sleep and have higher blood pressure.

Espy also said they did not rule out filing another motion later to have the ankle monitor removed. Espy said "It depends on the circumstances"

He was ordered to wear the ankle bracelet as one of the conditions for being released on bond after he was indicted in October on bribery and conspiracy charges.

United States Magistrate Judge Terry Moorer presided over the hearing. When Espy withdrew the motion Moorer said it was well within his right to do so but that he would "not look favorably on this in the future."

When asked if he was discouraged by that, Espy said, "I don't get discouraged."

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