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Tallassee school leaders push for change of schedule

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Tallassee, AL (WSFA) - An overhaul of the school day schedule could be on the way for Tallassee City Schools.

Superintendent Jim Jeffers proposed a plan to the school board to change from a block schedule to one that has seven classes per day.

The plan also means the required credits for graduation changes from 30 to 28, which still meets the state requirement of 24.

Superintendent Jeffers said, "Sometimes kids get to be a Junior and need more credit hours than they can earn in one more year. This way, it will give them more opportunities to earn those credit hours and a better opportunity to graduate."

The graduation rate is something the school system has been struggling with to meet AYP, or Adequate Yearly Progress, and school leaders hope the changes mean improved scores.

Don Bryant, who teaches Physics, Science, and Engineering at Tallassee High School says he's also for the change. The benefit for him is more hours of instruction time with his students.

While the classes would be shortened by the change, it would mean teachers would keep the same class all year long, rather than just for a semester.

"In advanced classes like Physics, it's difficult to meet state objectives sometimes, and given even just a few more hours in the year by going to a seven period day, that will be an advantage," he said.

And though the schools see it as a positive change, they admit, there will be some challenges to overcome, including a shortage in textbooks since there will be more classes in a day.

Bryant said, "It's just a shift of things. Anytime you make a change there are going to be some questions raised and difficulties."

But they are difficulties teachers and leaders believe will be overshadowed by the benefits if the change happens.

The school board will vote on the changes at their next meeting, February 15th.

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