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Greenville jobs headed to Florida

Two steps forward, now one step backward for the City of Greenville.

First came announcement of Hyundai Heavy Industries, then the additional jobs for Hwashin.  Last Monday forty more jobs were announced in conjunction with the manufacturer, Hysco. 

Mayor Dexter McClendon says, "We're disappointed, we've worked months and months to bring new jobs to Greenville.  With one phone call, 130 full-time jobs are gone in 30 seconds."

WestPoint Home had all trappings of a top production line.  The turnover rate at the Greenville plant was less than 2%; the average tenure: 10 years.  Eye-catching statistics for a company operating in Butler County for only 12 years.

As the parking lot at WestPoint Home empties for the final time, it represents the end of a prominent era in Greenville, once supported by American textile manufacturers.

Butler County Economic Development, Executive Director Rickey McLaney says, "They are relocating, tariffs and global production are tough and competitive."

McClendon agrees, "If this would have happened two years ago, it would have been very difficult."  

Now times have changed, Korean manufacturers are pumping new life into Greenville.  It's a solution for tough announcements like WestPoint Home.

ADECA's Rapid Response team is working with the city to integrate the displaced employees with new opportunities.  The announcement removes 130 full-time jobs, and 60 temporary positions.

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