Cash for Kindness: Help in the Storm

When an ice storm loomed over our area last month everyone rushed out to get supplies. But, imagine needing life sustaining equipment for what could have been days without electricity.  In tonight's Cash for Kindness. a story of unselfishness that could have made the difference between life and death.

When the ice and snow hit parts of Alabama were covered.  When Nikkei Turner heard it could knock out power in Lee county she thought about her ailing grandmother who survives with the help of oxygen.

"The oxygen, the portable tanks only run four hours by themselves so without electricity and the oxygen it would have been very bad."

She was number 18 on a list at Home Depot in Alex City to get a generator.  The store expected to get 20 but as fate would have it only got in 17.   Desperate for help, a store clerk put out the word about Nikkei's need.  It was meet by a father and son.

"Mr. Bangle and his son were both on the list and they decided to give up one so my grandmother could have one."

We gave Nikki Turner 120 dollars to surprise two men she's never meet only talk to on the phone.   They gave us their version of what happened but,  in the end it was the outcome that mattered.

It took some coaxing, but they finally took the cash and we all walked away with a renewed spirit in the kindness of others.

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