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The work that follows Signing Day

It's a crowning moment when high school athletes sign on the dotted line, and celebrate their first collegiate win.  But there's another group of players who had the same ambition, it simply fell flat. Enter Coach Greg Baker.

"They are waiting for Coaches Saban or Chizik, and that's just not going to happen for a lot of these kids.  We will be their rebound.  They are good athletes, and they still need a place to play."

Faulker University Head Football Coach Greg Baker holds no grudge about scooping up the Division One short-listers.  He says it's all about getting in where you can fit in.

"In Alabama it's definitely a battle.  We are just trying to get our piece of the pie."

Their plate is filling up fast.  Baker is calling this signing day a big success, stressful as it may be.

"Since midnight we lost two recruits, and we picked up two more.  It's a guessing game."

The coach admits, network and Internet exposure can help fuel teenaged egos leading up to Signing Day, making it harder for smaller programs like his.

"One of the kids we signed today in Mobile passed up four D-1 offers.  He told us it was what we offered here, it was substance."

The X's and O's of Signing Day, and the many crucial days that follow.

Faulkner signed around 20 players on Wednesday, and 31 at the midterm.

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