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Senate President Pro Tem slashes millions from office budget

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The new President Pro Tem of the State Senate is slashing staff positions in his office, while cutting the senate office budget by one-third.  Del Marsh told WSFA 12 News he hopes the move will serve as an example to other state agencies as the state looks to cut millions from the budget. 

"What's been going on in the past several years is the pro tem has been taking money from the pro tem budget and giving additional dollars to different senators at his discretion to the tune of $3 million,"  Marsh said.  "My commitment has been to reduce that cost by at least a third."

Marsh will cut his staff from 40 positions down to four.  Most of those positions had not been filled since the November election and the changeover at the State House.  

Taxpayers, who are looking to cut back their own budgets, applauded the move. 

"I think everyone is cutting back right now and so for the state to do so would be fair," said Laura Smith. "But at the same time they provide valuable services."

"We're definitely in crisis," said Valarie Calhoun.   "I think it's hard to figure out where we need to cut, and where the money needs to go."

Discussions about the state budget are expected to heat up as budget hearings being next week.


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