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Encouraging signs on the economy

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A steady rain, a dreary day and heavy clouds.

"We're elated about that," said Tallassee Mayor George McCain.

Yet Mayor George McCain only sees a ray of sunshine when it comes to the latest sales tax numbers. Revenues are up more than $58,000 over this time last year, enough to start repairing and buying some much-needed city equipment he's been putting off.

"For instance, tractors and backhoes," McCain said.

Another sign the economy just might be turning the corner.

Sheila Ledbetter runs the Burger Burn in town and even though she had no choice but to go up 50 cents on her hamburgers, Ledbetter says her customers are still coming.

And that's not all.

"I've seen an increase. When I talk to my customers they tell me they're working longer and I think that means they have more money to spend," said Ledbetter.

There is a potential roadblock for Tallassee. That new tax increase starts on March 1, a one-cent bump in the local sales tax to help fund schools and city projects.

The mayor is convinced beyond any doubt this will not muddy the water in terms of cash flow for Tallassee.

"I think when spring time comes around they will spend money, and the encouraging thing I see is they started spending in the winter," said Mayor McCain.

Stepping beyond Tallassee Montgomery County and the city of Montgomery are seeing health increases. Autauga County is reporting a small but an all-welcoming increase of a little more than 1%.

The state as a whole.. so far Alabama has collected over $645 million dollars or 4% more compared to the same period a year ago.

As a former professional musician in Nashville, George McCain played and heard many sweet melodies.

Now as mayor the encouraging numbers sound just as good.

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