Local restaurants host Super Bowl watch parties

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) - Experts predict more than 170 million people were in front of their televisions Sunday night watching the big game.

While some folks hosted their own Super Bowl parties, others opted to leave the work to local sports bars and restaurants, bringing a big win for their bottom line.

Both Packers and Steelers fans brought their game and their spirit to Rock Bottom American Pub in Montgomery.

Davin Mallet has been a Packers fan his whole life.  He says watching the big game is all about the experience.

"You always have to be in a good sports bar.  This is a good place, and I really like these guys I'm watching it with, but I'm sure we're going to have some detractors in here," he said.

Steelers fan Sarah Wyche said, "This is the best atmosphere to watch the game.  There's great food and great people, except for Packers fans.  Go steelers!"

It's not just the fans doing the cheering though.  Local bars and restaurants are also celebrating a spike in business.

Rock Bottom's owner, Vince Saele, said, "I mean, this is what Rock Bottom lives for.  We're sorry to see that this is the last game of the year, and we're already counting down until September."

But for now, fans are soaking in the last football game of the season.  "Surround sound, all the TVs everywhere, everyone cheering-- it's a lot better than watching it at home by yourself," said Sarah Wyche.

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