County Road 12: Motocross Board Inventor Inspires Kids

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Eclectic, Alabama (WSFA 12 News) - Anyone can have a great idea, but not too many people take it to the next level.   To be an inventor you have to come up with something cool and have the courage to go through with it.   One man from Georgia wants kids to know they should shoot for the stars.   He stopped by Eclectic Middle School to share his story.

Andy Keel invented something called the Motocross Board.    "It's a combination of snowboard and motorcycle riding," Keel said.    "This one is a production prototype I built in my garage.   When you think about all the people that love snowboarding, this is a close as you can get to the sensation without the slopes."

So on this day, Keel took his extreme invention out in the rain to show the kids, you don't have to be rocket scientist to come up with a cool idea.    Keel doesn't have a degree in engineering or mechanics, just a passion for his product.   "I want them to know they can come up with their own idea, not everything comes from a big corporation."   After he showed off out in the rain, he gave the kids a pep talk and took questions in the classroom.   His message dream big, take chances, and who knows what could happen.

The Motocross Board should hit store shelves in March.  It'll also be featured this March on the show Modern Marvels on the History Channel.   You see more on Keel's invention by going to

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