Educators investigate fight at Bullock County High School

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UNION SPRINGS, AL (WSFA) - Administrators in Bullock County are busy dealing with the aftermath from a pair of serious fights at a school.

Last week, more than a dozen students broke out into fights at Bullock County High School, injuring one teacher.

"They got into a little confrontation and started talking. Then it just escalated from there," said junior Darren Beachem.

Beachem saw the chaos unfold in the hallways of his school.   A pair of fights involved 14 students: a group of girls at one end of the school and a fight among boys at the other.

"You see one fight over here, then you turn around, try to walk away or whatever, then you see another fight where you're trying to hide," Beachem said.

English teacher Monica Pontoo, serving as hall monitor, tried to break up one of the brawls as administrators placed the building on lock down.

"I noticed that they started to gather. There was more gathering.. There may have been 2 or 3 kids actually about to fight, but maybe 70 who was watching the fight," Pontoo explained.

In all, only one person was injured: a teacher trying to break up a fight.

Because of that, superintendent Keith Stewart says one of the 14 students may face criminal charges.

"We will be fair. We will be swift with our discipline to maintain a safe environment for our students," Stewart explained.

Parents and students tell WSFA 12 News gang activity contributed to the fight.

Stewart says he's still sorting through the details, but he tells us many problems from the streets end up affecting what happens in the hallways.

"Often times, when students have conflict in a community, they bring it and want to settle it at school," Stewart said.

Though the situation is now under control, educators have a long week ahead of them.  They'll start hearings for the students involved, and the superintendent tells us some expulsions are likely.

Stewart is urging any parents with problems or information to be proactive. Call his office at (334) 738-2860.

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