IRS Sends Checks to Alabama

With the final set of advance child tax credit checks having been mailed last week, the IRS reminds taxpayers they can use to get information about the amount or status of their checks.

People who filed after April 15 - for example, those with extensions - will get any advance payment they are entitled to receive after the IRS processes their 2002 return. In Alabama , nearly 367,000 checks totaling over $200 million have been sent to qualifying families.

The checks represent an advance of this year's increase in the child tax credit and generally go to parents who claimed the credit on their 2002 returns. Taxpayers eligible for the credit who filed their tax return after April 15 or who have yet to file their 2002 tax returns because of an extension, will have their advance child tax credits sent to them after their return is processed.

Aug. 15 is the filing deadline for those who filed for an automatic extension. "The only thing a taxpayer needs to do is cash the check," said Dan Boone, IRS spokesman. "If you qualify, we'll send you a notice. There's no need to call, no need to apply, no need to fill out another form. The IRS will do all the work." To find out the amount and mailing date of their check, taxpayers are turning to the "Where's My Advance Child Tax Credit?" feature on

In less than a month, taxpayers have used this online tool more than 9 million times to check the status of their Advance Child Tax Credit. It provides taxpayers with useful basic information, such mailing dates and amounts.

It also explains any adjustments to payments for child support, taxes owed or other federal debts. For those who do not qualify, it provides a description of likely reasons.

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