Editorial: Questions

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There are a lot of questions floating around this week.

Why can't every Montgomery Public School be magnet caliber?

Why can't every Montgomery Public School have a business partner in education?

Will more registered voters in District 7 vote March 8th in the Montgomery Council Election than the 12% who voted in the District 6 election five months ago?

Will more agencies and businesses join Baptist Health Systems and Jackson Hospital and go to a completely "No-smoking" policy for all employees, patients and visitors?

Will the state legislature pass a rolling reserve bill for the Education Trust Fund that will eliminate proration forever?

Will the Governor's executive order regarding the realignment of state government eliminate duplication among state agencies and increase the effectiveness of state workers?

Will strong consideration be made to drop the first word from acting Montgomery police chief Kevin Murphy?

Will the soon to be upgraded soccer facilities near Auburn Montgomery attract thousands for state cup and collegiate tournaments?

Will BP start issuing checks from their Gulf oil spill compensation fund to the thousands of people and businesses waiting for them?

Here's hoping the answer to all of these questions is YES  - we can, and we will!