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Prattville city council holds marathon interview for open seat

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Prattville, AL (WSFA) - Prattville city council members listened to more than three hours of interviews from nineteen people interested in filling the city council seat left open by now Mayor Bill Gillespie.

Those candidates answered questions in front of a crowd of residents at the Doster Memorial.

The candidates were brought in one by one and given ten minutes to answer questions they received in advance.

While it was open to the public, residents could only listen; they couldn't ask any of their own questions.

It's a somewhat unusual way to go about selecting a council member, and residents had mixed reactions.

Jon Da'Voe said, "It is my position that nothing less than a special election should be taking place here in Prattville so that the people in District 1 will be the ones making the decision about who is representing them."

Kendall and Walt Haywood, however, believe the process is fair.

"Ultimately, this is an unfulfilled term that someone has to serve. They're not really campaigning for it.  I think it's a strange process but a good one too, Kendall said.

Mayor Bill Gillespie said the reason for the selection process came down to time and money.  He said the city didn't have the time or resources to be able to put on a special election.

The City Council will announce the new council member at next Tuesday's meeting, February 15th.

The new council member will finish out the current term until the next election in August 2012.

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