Thieves Hit Candy Machines in Courthouse

A serial thief has hit some high profile public offices in the last few days, and now, sheriff's deputies say Tuesday was the last straw. The thief isn't stealing from public offices, instead someone is robbing candy and gumball machines that provide funds for several Alabama charities.

It was a daring heist.The thief snatched up two machines from the first floor of the Montgomery County Courthouse, just a few feet away from an absentee balloting station. Sergeant C.R. Minor with the sheriff's office says nobody saw or heard anything.

Somehow, silently, the thief dragged the machines from the hallway into the bathroom, pried them open and made off with the money. And while the ladies at the ballot station didn't see the crime, a courthouse camera did. Investigators won't say just how much detail they got from the courthouse security cameras, but they say they dusted the machines for fingerprints and may have some good results.

This wasn't the only theft, either. Gumball and candy machines in City Hall were robbed in the last few days, too. Sheriff D.T. Marshall says he's keeping his options open. He may ask vendors to take the gumball machines out for a while. Or he may keep them in place and let the thief take another shot at it, with people keeping a closer eye on the machines.

Reporter: Chris Holmes