New Numbers from Deadly Storms - Montgomery Alabama news.

New Numbers from Deadly Storms


May 12, 2011


Good Morning!

EMA officials have released new numbers in the aftermath of the deadly April 27th storms. We'll have those numbers for you on Today in Alabama as we continue our coverage of the "Road to Recovery".

Our reporter Bethany Wales will be live at the old Montgomery Mall. There are new owners. Find out who they are and what they plan to do with that big vacant building.

Plus, ice, ice baby! Reporter Samuel King got to the bottom of the problem with ice intended for storm victims melting away on Mobile Highway. His follow-up, a response from the people responsible, and the solution all coming up in the first half hour of Today in Alabama. Don't miss it!

All those stories, plus Meteorologist Josh Johnson and your forecast to start your day, 5-7am on WSFA 12 News!

See you soon!

Tonya Terry




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