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Residents voice concerns over possible Selma school closings

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SELMA, AL (WSFA) - "Please show us that you are really pushing for the students, that you are really trying to save school for the students," says Dorothy Reeves to the Selma City School Board at a public hearing about possible school closures.

It's a touchy topic, but Selma City School Superintendent Dr. Don Jefferson says it must be addressed.

"Crunch time...we gotta make a decision," he says.

Over the last two years, state proration has cost the system more than $9 million dollars, and they expect to lose another $2-3 million to proration this year.

Jefferson says they have no choice but to cut back which could mean closing Byrd Elementary, School of Discovery, or Phoenix School.

"If we want to have an effective school system...across the board and all of our schools actually have the technology, personnel, then we're going to have to close some schools," says Jefferson.

Dr. Jefferson says closing any school is never an easy decision, but with proration staring school officials straight in the face, he says something has to give.

"We are a historic school, it's in a historic district. It's very close to our house and we love the school," says Reeves.

Reeves' kids go to Byrd Elementary.  She wouldn't have it any other way.

"If Byrd Elementary school wasn't there anymore, I do see myself moving to either Huntsville or Montgomery."

But Emery Hicks is trying to keep that from happening with a campaign devoted to keeping his neighborhood school open.

"It's and it's just a place where people can come to voice their opinion about Byrd school and help keep it open."

Dr. Jefferson has yet to make a recommendation to the school board. For now, he just wants the people to speak. There will be three more public hearings before he makes a recommendation.

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