Child struck by bus said to be improving hour by hour

WSFA 12 News has a crew on the scene of a child vs. bus accident in Macon County.
WSFA 12 News has a crew on the scene of a child vs. bus accident in Macon County.
D.C. Wolfe Elementary School
D.C. Wolfe Elementary School

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MACON CO., AL (WSFA) - A child critically injured after being hit by a school bus in Macon County was transferred to Children's Hospital in Birmingham Friday. The 5-year-old D.C. Wolfe Elementary School kindergartner is surrounded by family members and, according to Macon Co. Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Brooks, his condition is improving.

"He's getting optimal care, and the situation is looking more positive each hour that we speak with his mother," Brooks said. Brooks added that it looks like the child will make a full recovery.

The accident happened as the boy was exiting the bus around 3:30pm Thursday on Macon Co. Rd. 13 - a stretch of road approximately half way between Tuskegee and Shorter.

Investigators took the bus driver, also unidentified, to Montgomery for questioning and a drug test. No drugs were found in the driver's system. The driver is said to be a six veteran within the school system and has a clean record. She is currently on administrative leave, with pay, pending the results of the investigation.

A councilor at D.C. Wolfe Elementary is busy answering questions from the boy's classmates.


Macon County Schools were under a state investigation in 2010 that found more than half the system's buses had mechanical problems. The system met the state's deadline in October 2010 to bring the buses up to standards.

Brooks said the buses were fixed and she doubts there's any connection between that and this incident.

"This was an unfortunate accident, but we want people to know our buses are safe and the transportation program is in good shape. The accident is unfortunate but it does not inhibit progress made in any matter," Brooks said.

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