Neighbors have idea what led to triple shooting

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The discovery of the third victim off Old Hayneville Road was too shocking for Martha White to stay away.

"I have relatives around here and I was a little concerned," said White.

It turns out White did not know the victim.

Montgomery police identified the body as 51-year old Robert Kendrick. Kendrick was the son of 88-year old Vincyid Saffold who was shot to death in her own home on Morgan Avenue the day before.

42-year old Herman Caffey was found dead in the shed behind the house. Caffey and Scaffold lived in the same the house.

On the day Kendrick's body was found, homicide investigators camped out in front of the Saffold home to collect more evidence.

Police remain tight-lipped about the case but neighbors have their own ideas about what may have happened.

"A family shooting is what I'm hearing, somebody they knew," said Amanda Henderson who lives a few doors down from the crime scene.

Mayor Todd Strange indicated  in his weekly news conference that detectives are close to solving the triple homicide, a rare crime in Montgomery.

"We have strong leads," said the mayor.

While Saffold and Caffey were shot to death, it's still not clear how Kendrick died.

One of the questions that remains unanswered is whether Robert Kendrick was murdered on Old Hayneville Road or killed somewhere else and brought to the Old Hayneville Road location.

Right now the city of Montgomery is sitting on 5 homicides for the new year.

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