When coyotes come to town: A special report

'Bill' the cat
'Bill' the cat

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If cats have nine lives, we know one that's cashed in a few.

'Bill' the cat is a fluffy, gray and white feline that recently found himself in a precarious situation on the front lawn of WSFA 12 News anchor Bob Howell's home.

Bob, whom 'Bill' claims, stepped onto the front porch only to discover a coyote dragging his kitty across the lawn by its head. Quick action by the Howell family allows us to introduce you to Bill in the story instead of talking about him in the past tense!

So, the attack got us wondering: Are coyotes becoming a danger in central Alabama neighborhoods? They're very intelligent hunters, and they're surviving and thriving in urban settings.

Bob Howell sought out the advice of several experts for a special report we're calling "Coyotes coming to town".

We hope you'll join us for the story at 10:00pm.

After the report airs, share any coyote stories you may have with us on our web story. There, you'll even find an extended interview on coyotes from our report.

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