MPS delays vote on consolidation plan

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Thompson has asked the school board to delay a vote on some aspects of the plan.  That vote was supposed to happen next Tuesday.  The move came after a public hearing on the latest changes to the proposal.

The adjustments in the plan include:

  • Students from Blount who were reassigned to Wilson will be returning to Blount
  • Seth Johnson Elementary remains open
  • McKee Elementary closes, becomes MacMillan Elementary Magnet
  • Houston Hill closes completely
  • Floyd Middle Magnet moves to McIntyre Middle
  • A new middle magnet program will be introduced at Carr Middle School

The timing of the changes caught many parents and teachers off guard.

"So you're taking kids from a place they have known to an environment that may devastate or change them," one parent said.

Even elected officials questioned the timing.

"I find out yesterday that one of the schools that was not even on the list that was not even on the original plan at all, all of sudden has come back to have the students dispersed and put a new program in," said Jon Dow, a Montgomery City Councilman.  "If you want me to agree, you have to stick with the plan."

Thompson said that people who are interested in the process have had plenty of time to give their input.  She also said that time is running out to make changes before the end of the school year.

"We can't decide in June that we want to do some of these things," Thompson said.  "It doesn't work that way, so we have contractual things that we have to do."

Parents and teachers have one more chance to let the board hear their concerns.  The final public hearing is 5 PM Tuesday at Carver High School.  The board will not vote on the school consolidation plan until the 22nd, but may vote on other aspects of the plan on Tuesday.

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