Prattville fire chief's job under fire?

Prattville Fire Chief Gann
Prattville Fire Chief Gann

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A report by WSFA 12 News Thursday regarding the possibility of furloughs within the ranks of Prattville's fire department spread like wildfire.

In our report, Fire Chief Stanley Gann offered a blunt assessment of the furlough talk saying, "You can play a baseball game with less than nine people, but you gotta hope that nobody hits one in the hole where there's nobody there."

Now, there's growing speculation of a possible shake-up is in the works at the PFD, including that the Mayor asked the Chief to resign. Gillespie gave no indication any changes are in the making. When asked if he anticipated Chief Gann's resignation, he gave a firm "no."

Asked if talk of furloughs had created hard feelings Gillespie said," As far as I know, the Chief and I, he's a nice, great guy. He'll do great wherever he is at."

But several hours after the interview, WSFA 12 News confirmed that Mayor Gillespie had since met with Gann, although he would not confirm the reason for the meeting. Gillespie would say, however, that he did offer to accept the chief's resignation if it were tendered.

But so far, that hasn't happened.

In the City of Prattville, the mayor nominates department heads, but it is up to the city council to approve those appointments. A special city council meeting is scheduled for Monday where the council will discuss other issues, and possibly the fire chief's employment.

WSFA 12 News continues to follow this developing story.

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