Hand raising gets $8.5 million Ford verdict tossed

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Alabama Supreme Court has thrown out a $8.5 million verdict against Ford Motor Co.

The judgment was awarded to a Gadsden woman who was seriously injured in the rollover of a Mercury Mountaineer sports utility vehicle in Georgia.

The court didn't rule Friday on any evidence or whether Etowah County jurors made a mistake when they ruled in favor of Latoya Duckett.

Instead, the justices threw out the verdict because a judge asked potential jurors to raise their hands if they could serve for four weeks. The court ruled that action was the same as asking for volunteers to serve on the jury, and that violated the requirement that jurors be selected randomly.

Duckett was injured in an accident on Interstate 20 near Douglasville, Ga., in 2003.

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