Bus drivers take precautions to avoid incidents

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A five year old Macon County boy is recovering after he was run over by a school bus Thursday afternoon.   Bus drivers across the region take a lot of precautions to make sure incidents like this happen only rarely.

Every morning, Autauga County bus driver Brooks Lazenby does a thorough inspection of his school bus.

"I'll check my mirrors, make sure that my mirrors are sitting where I can see and adjusted properly," Lazenby said.  "The biggest thing is we do this every day and you get to know your bus."

But that's only one part of Lazenby's preparation.

"We have that responsibility to get them to school safety," he said.  "The biggest part of that is preparing yourself mentally."

Lazenby said distracted drivers in other vehicles can cause headaches for bus drivers.

"Even though you're a big yellow bus, they're not always paying attention to us," he said.  "So you have to know where the cars and vehicles are around you and obstacles and those type of things so that you can proper adjustments to react if you need to."

One common issue for bus drivers: people who run through their stop signs.

"Being aware that those people may be coming up in your rear view mirror or coming across you or whatever the case may be and just knowing that and being able to stop that child, before they get off the bus, or at least have them standing at the corner as we're trained to do, and to not have them move until we signal it's ok," Lazenby said.

Drivers have to look out for distractions on the bus too.  Lazenby says parents should teach kids the importance of proper behavior on the bus, so their child doesn't become a distraction.

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