JJ Opening Diary 2/13/11

JJ Opening Diary 2/13/11

This week is all about testing for the combine. Monday, we are going to do several run tests.  The main tests are the first 10 yards of the 40, the 20-yard dash, and eventually we will do the full 40-yard dash.

As for the workouts, I'm concentrating on pulling sleds with weights, which helps me to get off (to quick starts).  Starts are the most important thing of the forty.

Also, I'll do some drills running with bungee cords with my workout partners.  There are a few guys I'm training with at XPE in Boca Raton, Florida, who are also getting ready for the draft.

My roommate is Marcus Gilchrist, who is a corner (defensive back) from Clemson.

Ryan Williams, the running back from Virginia Tech, and Rahim Moore, a safety from UCLA are a couple of the other guys down here with us.

On Tuesday, first we go and hit the weight room hard in the morning.  Then we will go outside and I will work on my route running.  After that, its back to working on my starts (to the dashes).

As you all know, I had an injury in my bowl game.  I went down to Florida to train after that, but then I had to go to Birmingham to see Dr. Andrews and get my ankle looked at.

We found out it was ok but I had to get some treatment back in Troy.  It was good to go back and see my old teammates and friends.  Also, I got to go back home to Eufaula and spend some time with my family.

I also went to the Senior Bowl in Mobile even though I couldn't play.  I spoke with a handful of teams there and they all want to see me at the combine, which is what I'm getting prepared for now.

I think they want to see my forty time.  They want to see me run routes and they want to see if I can get off when I get jammed when (corners) are pressing me because I didn't really face a lot of that at Troy.

My agent also has me preparing for the interviews I will go through at the combine with various teams.  Twelve teams can interview you at the combine, so I'm working with an interview coach to help me get ready for that.

The combine is two weeks away and my main focus is improving my forty time and getting better at my route running.

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