Moms work together to provide online MPS discussion

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Christie Arden is an involved parent--a mother of two--and she's hoping to spare Head Elementary School from a superintendent-mandated shutdown.

"I think we have a band-aid measure going on right now, unfortunately. I don't know if it's something that's going to stick," Arden said.

The pain from financial cuts runs deep, but not everyone feels comfortable standing in front of a microphone.

"We have teachers. We have people who are related to teachers. People who--this is their job on the line. They can't speak out," Arden explained.

So Christie and her friend, Elizabeth Conner, fired up their computers and created a Facebook group.

The page is designed to educate other parents and teachers and keep a discussion going online.

"There's not much interaction in the same way that there can be with a Facebook group. It's been wonderful as far as people sharing ideas, sharing inputs, sharing details," Conner said.

The group, now close to 200 members strong also works to find alternatives to the superintendent's plan.

"We're calling.  We're leaving messages with alternate proposals. We're as versed in these numbers as they are. We've done our homework and presented some very valid options," Arden said.

With the vote looming, Arden and Conner are still optimistic, and regardless of the outcome, they're ready to stay the course.

" It's not just let's put out this fire. It's beyond that," Arden explained.

WSFA 12 News received notification Tuesday night that two school board members--Robert Porterfield and Mary Briers--will not attend Wednesday's vote.

Beverly Ross, who has had some recent health issues, is scheduled to attend.

That means five members are supposed to be there.  That's enough to pass the measure.

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