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Montgomery city council members share concerns about MPS plan

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - From Montgomery Public School board public hearings to a city council work session, the school board's rezoning and consolidation plan is a hot topic.

"They've got issues that have not been addressed in our school system in probably 20-30 years," says City Councilman Charles Jinright.

City council members spent much of their work session discussing it--some of them asking why the school board is voting on the plan so quickly after making more changes just a few days ago.

"That does not give enough time for community input for parents and teachers and students and those affected to come and get engaged in this process," says City Councilman John Dow.

Some suggested the council should sit down with the board of education to hash it out.  But Mayor Todd Strange admits even that won't work.

"If we could of one mind go to them with a modified plan I'm all for that, but we can't agree around this table on what the modified plan is."

Strange says the process continues to be frustrating, but he's pleased with the board's efforts to work together.

"I commend the board. I think they're talking to each other not at each other. They're working more cohesively," he says.

At the end of the day, the council members know the decision isn't theirs to make.

"I feel if they feel that's what they gotta have, that's what they gotta do. Because it's their responsibility to do what they know is correct," adds Jinright.

"It's still the school board's legal responsibility to make these decisions and whatever decisions they make we have to abide by," says City Councilman Tracy Larkin.

City council members may not be able to help the board make the final decision, but Mayor Strange says he would like to get the school board, county commission, state legislative delegation and city council together in March. He wants all the groups to work together to implement the new plan.

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