Horse Rider with a Big Heart

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Butler County, Alabama (WSFA 12 News) - A 13-year old girl, or a 1000 pound animal?   Who do you think would be in charge?   Before you make your decision you need to know a little more about Briar Smith.  She's a little different, a talented rider, with a heart of gold.

Briar loves competing in Alabama Junior Rodeo events.   "I really do love it," Smith said.    "It's the fun of the sport that keeps me going."    She has a big collection of buckles, and she knows it's a team effort.   "My horses name is Twister, her real name is TCF Cinnamon Twist.   She means a lot to me, we've been together a long time."   When you hear her talk about her horse, you can tell, she's not just talented, she has a unique spirit about her.

Briar doesn't just ride to win, she rides for others.  At every rodeo she picks out a different non profit agency to raise money for.   So far she's raised money for Toys for Tots, Breast Cancer Awareness, and a local food bank.   "Knowing you can help somebody and still be able to do what you, love, it's a good feeling," said Briar's dad Russell Smith.   Briar is just getting started.  She hopes to find more charities to raise money for throughout the year.   Alabama's Junior Rodeo Queen is definitely doing her part, both on and off the horse.    "It makes me feel very fortunate to do all this."

You can find out more on Briar's future fundraiser's by going to the Alabama Junior Rodeo web site at:

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