Elmore Co. on track for budget surplus

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Elmore County, AL (WSFA) - With all the news of budget shortfalls, cuts, furloughs, and even lay offs, one River Region county is going against the trend.

In fact, Elmore County is on track to end the year with a budget surplus.

So, what are they doing that other struggling counties aren't?  County leaders say the answer is really quite simple--  spending within their means.

Teresa Cameron just opened up Bridge Street Coffee Shop and Eatery in Wetumpka a few months ago.  She says her new business is getting a jolt from a strong economic base in the county.

"We have a steady crowd all day long.  The people here want to see us succeed," she said.

Elmore County Commissioner Joe Faulk said, "People in Elmore County are proud that we are where we are financially. Our job is to keep us there."

Commissioner Faulk says the county is on track for more than a 10 % budget surplus this year, the 8th year in a row to be in the black.

He credits it to years of county department heads and employees living within their means.

"We benefited from people understanding that there is limited money as far as county government is concerned in Elmore County.  We had to really tighten our belts and monitor things very closely," Faulk said.

While county leaders say it's all about keeping a tight rope on their spending, they also credit economic and retail development.

Faulk said, "It is very important to us that the people who live here and work here shop here, and that's exactly what's happening."

It's good news for Teresa; her business, much like the county's finances, is going strong despite this tough economic climate.

Around 80 thousand people live in Elmore County. Its total operating budget is $10 million dollars.

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