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Trainer Heather Hagan Walker with the TRX system
Trainer Heather Hagan Walker with the TRX system

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're tired of the same old equipment at the gym, there's something new out there that promises a very different kind of workout. It started in the military. Now it's available to the rest of us.

You know about free weights, treadmills and bicycles, but a strap hanging from the ceiling? It looks relatively simple. But don't tell that to Leigh Anne Richards, who trains with it on a regular basis.

"That is tough!" she said after a workout.

The system is called TRX, which stands for Total body Resistance Training. It allows you to hang from your hands or feet and work your muscles with gravity.

Unlike equipment designed for health clubs, TRX was designed by a Navy Seal so he would have something to use for exercise while on deployment.

Randy Hetrick is now a private businessman and markets his system to gyms and individuals nationwide.

"As a Navy Seal, I created TRX to give myself and my team mates a world class workout in a minimum amount of space and limited time, no matter where we were in the world," Hetrick says in a promotional video.

Heather Hagan Walker is a certified TRX instructor in Montgomery.

"TRX was originally invented using a set of parachute straps and a sewing kit," she explained.

I asked Walker to show me how the system works. She says there are 300 different moves you can do. And you can work every major muscle group in a way your body is not accustomed to.

"People wonder why they don't see results and it's because they're doing the same thing every day," said Richards. "You've got to have something like TRX that's going to challenge you in a different way."

So when you're not on the treadmill or lifting weights, now there's a new option to keep your workouts fresh. Amazing how a strap hanging from the ceiling can do all that!

The only certified TRX instructors in Montgomery are at Metro Fitness off Vaughn Road. But if you don't enjoy going to a gym, TRX is also available for home use. You can order one on the Internet and just hang from a door.

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