Can clothes help you burn more calories?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's not only the way you work out that can help you lose weight. Some exercise scientists say the clothes you wear could also make a difference.

Women have long relied on shape wear to help them appear slimmer. Now new research shows the clothes can actually help you lose weight.

One of the newest brands, ShaToBu, was tested in a university laboratory. ShaToBu stands for shape, tone and burn.

In the lab, researchers say it helped women wearing the clothing to burn up to 12% more calories.

"In my experience as an exercise physiologist, I think that these findings may have some important implications because it should allow women to just go through their normal activities of daily living while wearing the garment and increase their calorie burn, " said Dr. Arthur Weltman, a researcher at the University of Virginia.

"Theoretically, that should help to lower weight gain over time."

Researchers credit a series of resistance bands inside the clothing, which cause your body to work just a little bit harder when you move.

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